First Week of the 2020 Legislative Session
“In 2019, we took bold steps to expand educational opportunities, protect our environment and natural resources, reform health care, invest in infrastructure and bolster public safety – all while reducing taxes and adding to our budget reserves. While we should look with favor on these bold beginnings, we have much more to do.”
– Gov. Ron DeSantis, speaking to the 2020 Florida Legislature during in his State of the State Address


 The 2020 Legislative Session officially began on Tuesday. Gov. Ron DeSantis kicked things off with a State of the State speech themed around a “season of opportunity.” He highlighted his 2019 accomplishments before saying he and the Legislature “have much more to do,” which included a continued focus on environmental funding. You can read his full speech HERE.
Private Property Rights/Vacation Rentals
SB 1128 – Preempts the regulation of vacation rentals to the state and strikes a balance between addressing community concerns and preserving private property rights.
Current status: Passed Innovation, Industry and Technology Committee on an 8 – 2 vote. Waiting to be placed on the Commerce and Tourism Committee agenda.

HB 1011 – Companion bill to SB 1128.
Current status: On the Workforce Development and Tourism Subcommittee agenda for 1/21/2020 at 3:00 p.m. 

Affordable Housing
SB 998 – Allows local governments to approve affordable housing development on any property zoned residential, commercial or industrial. Also, provides additional accountability and training for Affordable Housing Advisory Committees and Local Housing Assistance Plans.
Current status: Passed Community Affairs Committee on a unanimous vote. Now waiting to be placed on the Infrastructure and Security Committee agenda.

HB 1339 – Companion bill to SB 998
Current status: Waiting to be placed on the Local, Federal, & Veterans Affairs Subcommittee agenda. 

Emotional Support Animals (ESA)
HB 209 – Helps curb the abuse of ESA certificates related to housing. The bill does not address restaurants, airplanes, or other public places.
Current status: Passed the Civil Justice Subcommittee on Tuesday and the Children, Families & Seniors Subcommittee on Thursday. Both were unanimous votes. Now waiting to be placed on the agenda of its last committee stop, the Judiciary Committee.

SB 1084 – Companion bill to HB 209.
Current status: Passed the Agriculture Committee on Tuesday on a 4 – 1 vote. Now waiting to be placed on the Innovation, Industry, and Technology Committee agenda.